Think Thin S’mores: $1.99/Kroger

thinkthin_smores (3)I have some hazy high school memories of camping. On some occasions we legitimately car-camped: renting a gravel pad with picnic table, fire pit, trashcan, and bathroom around the corner. Other times we hiked a few miles into God only knows where until we found a secluded enough spot to drop our backpacks (gently lest we break the liquor bottles that were carefully nestled inside between packets of hot chocolate, boxes of instant noodle soup, and foil-wrapped packets of hot dogs and sliced potatoes.) I actually preferred the latter because the car-camping reminded me too much of cheery family Lake Lanier camping trips, a little too easy and not quite rustic enough, and probably too sober.

Regardless of whether or not a camping trip was a troublemaking-teenage one, or an innocent family one, s’mores were a must. There’s no lore behind a particular camper who invented them, but whenever graham cracker sandwiched itself around a square (or rectangle, if you’re of the Hershey variety) of chocolate with a marshmallow freshly nudged off its fiery stick (burnt black and blown-out for me please) I owe my gratitude. I don’t like graham crackers alone as they remind me too much of Kindergarten glue sticks, I’m a rare breed of woman who doesn’t really like chocolate that much, and marshmallows are only good in an occasional bowl of cereal or bobbing in a cup of hot cocoa. But those 3 things gooey and smooshed together when eaten from a stick next to a campfire, YES. Made in a microwave when you’re making a lazy dessert for your kids, not so much.

And when you’re eating a Think Thin S’mores bar. Not so much again. This bar was not good. It may slightly bear resemblance to a Hershey bar, minus the perforated rectangles and stamped lettering logo, but this wavy chocolate-coated fiber bar just hasn’t captured any S’more spirit at all. I don’t want some more. Maybe if I was still going on wooded adventures with my high school friends and we needed quick convenience nibbles I would consider eating this Think Thin again, but as far as the brand’s flavors go, this is a no more. 1/5
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