Power Crunch Peanut Butter Creme: $0.75/Publix

powercrunch_pbcreme (3)My splendid sister-in-law (who makes me jealous by weaving tales about the bar aisle in Sprouts, a store that unfortunately, we have none of near us) visited us a few weeks ago. She likes to eat bars too, so I was happy to show her my secret rectangle stash where her delighted eyes popped at the sight of a Power Crunch Peanut Butter Creme bar. She makes no secret of her peanut butter affection and also raved about the “Nutter-butter bar-like texture” of Power Crunches. I normally like to cut bars into halves or thirds in case the generous spirit in me arises and I want to give a taste to Tom or the girls, but not this bar. Even releasing it from its tin foil confines (the wrapper is pretty unattractive, in a color that looks like that of a baby chick’s feathers, and an even blander logo) resulted in a shattering spray of delicate little wafer crumbs. They’re just like “sugar wafer cookies”, the kind that come in neopolitan hues, but this one was beige with an awesome peanut butter taste. I mean this is a bar unlike any other protein bar I’ve had before, but I don’t feel as filled up the way that a denser bar like say, a Fitjoy would.

Angela, my sister-in-law … her name couldn’t be more appropriate for the brief life lesson that she dropped on me. Something so simple and just resonated so much with me that I think I need to incorporate it into a delayed New Year’s resolution. She said something to the effect of that we can’t control or fix somebody else’s problems or heal them, but we can just send out an angel to embrace them. Just another way of saying sending out good vibes, but yet the image of releasing an angel out to somebody in need of health, happiness, healing or whatever it is the recipient needs I don’t know, hearing her say it that way felt right. So Angela minus “a”, I accept any angel you send out to me, and when I encounter a friend, family member or acquaintance in a jam, I’ll send them one too. And if the jam needs a side of peanut butter, I’ll be sure to share a Power Crunch Peanut Butter Creme. She was agog at the bright orange price sticker of 2/$1.50 on it, but I’d lucked out and scored it from the Publix clearance table. A messy but wonderful bar, just like life can be wonderfully messy, and that’s where our angels can step in. 5/5

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