Quaker Chewy Caramel Coconut: Box of 8/Kroger/$2.49

quakerchewy_samoas (4)I assume Quaker didn’t call this flavor “Samoas” because the cookie is one that’s made in an entirely different bakery so it has to have a more generic “Caramel Coconut” name? Back in my day (oh how that expression sprouts another gray on my head), they were called Samoas, and we could knock on our neighbors’ front doors to sell them, and we would send our Daddies into the office with an order form, demanding that he not return from work that day without reams of confirmed cookie orders because we just HAD to win that bike, no Dad, not just the tee-shirt and token patch, but the bike with the neon Spokey Dokes on the wheels. Joanna would’ve liked to have joined the Girls Scouts, but the closest troop is pretty far from us, and besides, we don’t have the social media savvy to sell cookies in the out-there methods that are adopted by the sharky sweets’ salesgirls these days. They’re definitely not knocking on doors (just like Halloween where malls offering trick-or-treating, or elementary school parking lots “trunk-or-treats”), but instead finding pot-parlors, college dorms, concerts and other events and places where the attendees wouldn’t mind dropping a fiver on a small box of cookies.

Quaker Chewy Caramel Coconut bar tastes amazingly similar to the cookie, so much so that I daresay I’d rather eat one of these than the cookie itself. It may not be a tidy round circle a-sprinkle in artificial coconut shavings, but its rectangular bar resembles most other Chewies with a figure-eight drizzle of chocolate on top. Like its namesake, it’s chewy and captures the other three “C’s” of coconut, caramel and chocolate in a delightful dance in my mouth. I gladly support the Girl Scout organization, trying to buy a box of cookies whenever I pass a table of the lasses camped in front of Walmart’s entrance, but I usually opt to have the box donated to troops. I like to think that the men and women who selflessly perform their civic duty to protect our country appreciate a treat. Hopefully nobody orders those bland cardboard cookies to be sent overseas, if they’re even made anymore. They were their version of Chess or Lorna Doones; a yellow crumbly butter square, better for using in a pudding pie recipe than eating by itself. Give Miss Quaker a home-ec winner badge on her sash; this Samoas bar’s awesome. 5/5
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