Clif Coconut Chocolate Chip: $1/Kroger

clif_coconutchocchip (1)Opening the wrapper to this Clif bar results in a beach-ey aroma, strong coconut almost sunscreen-like in its headiness. Yes, I did return from the beach only a few weeks ago, so I have tropical drinks, SPF, sand, and surf on the brain, but not necessarily on my nose.

clif_coconutchocchip (4)

I can already tell, what w/ the overwhelming coconut smell, that I may not like the taste very much. Power through grasshopper. I take a bite, and yes, the coconut is too strong, and the chocolate chip, while I can SEE it on the top, I don’t taste it as much as I’d like to. My daughter’s eating the other half (she and I agree that one Clif bar is too much on the belly unless we were out hiking and not sitting here on a gloomy, gray Wednesday morning drawing Hello Kitty) and she uses her favorite expression for when she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings but doesn’t like something: “I’m just not a fan.” Well said darling. 3/5

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