NutriGrain Lemon Crumb Cake: $3.99/Box of 5/Kroger

nutrigrain_lemoncrumbcake (5)To Joanna and I’s dismay, Netflix removed all of its Food Network and HGTV shows at the beginning of the year. She was especially sad to lose “Kids Baking Championship” as watching children her age bake has inspired her to add “Cupcake Shop Owner” or “Executive Chef” to her list of WIWTBWIGU. Doesn’t that just look like an Egyptian Queen’s unprounounceable name? No, it’s What I Want to Be When I Grow Up, and I still haven’t figured that out for myself, although maybe I want to be a queen, since my name is already a tough one to pronounce.

There was one particularly sassy girl who, in her character bio we find out comes from a wealthy family who’s traveled around the world extensively, giving her the opportunity to sample many cuisines and probably be taught by equally famous bakers how to mix and sift and create unique flavor profiles rather than yellow box cake with chocolate can frosting. (A personal favorite.) Joanna really admired this girl, who chose to use lemon in just about all of her baked goods because one of the judges really liked lemony treats. There aren’t many baked items with a tarty twisty that tickle my tastebuds, but the new bar, Nutrigrain Bakery Delights Lemon Crumb Cake actually turned out to be pretty good. It wasn’t one that I would’ve warmed up (hot lemon maybe just squirted over a piece of fish or a cup of tea, but not an ingested baked thing), so cutting the slightly crumbly bar into four pieces to share with the girls resulted in quiet murmurs of mmmm with minimal crumby messes to pick up with a moistened fingertip. What I did there was kill my appetite, using two of my cringing, least-favorite words ever. Murmur and Moisten. So I no longer want to eat the initially appealing Lemon Crumb Cake, but I do still want to watch Food Network shows but don’t want to subscribe to a cable provider. Pokey internet website episode streaming on occasion, but interrupts anybody gaming in our house, so I’m going to encourage Joanna to be her own baking champion, despite that the child can’t make a successful peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She thinks she wants to be a baker as WIWTBWIGU and I love and support her and will wait tables in a cafe or bakery for her, but she can’t smear condiments onto bread. Maybe we’ll attempt to bake a lemon poppy seed bread this weekend. Uh no, we’ll just finish this box. 4/5

nutrigrain_lemoncrumbcake (5)nutrigrain_lemoncrumbcake (3)

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