Belvita Dark Chocolate Creme: $2.99/Box of 5/Publix

belvita_dkchoccreme (3)It’s always a treat to open a pack of Belvitas knowing that there’s more than one tucked inside, a crispy Belbonus. Their standard “breakfast biscuits” have four, and this new one, Belvita Sandwich Dark Chocolate Creme, has two and two, with a layer of Oreo-like chocolate cream in the middle. Easy to knife away and double-stuff so that Louise can eat the “biscuit” and I can have extra chocolate. Far from breakfast-y, this Belvita is decadent and dessert-y. Two charming elderly ladies recommended them to me as I crouched in the cookie aisle (I continue to look for Belvitas on the granola bar/cereal shelves, and then Doh my head) in my indecisive mission for a new flavor.

Unlike a box of cereal, there isn’t a prize in the package that I can appraise. House appraisal happened last fall, an easy 15 minutes, dude in a European soccer jersey, flip-flops and a hipster curly mustache. I don’t think my grin and house-boasting made a difference in how much his report would ultimately say that our house was worth. Prior to that, the last time that I used the word “appraisal” was about 12 years ago when my eye caught a tiny glint in the parking lot of Mall of Georgia, when the 8 a.m. sunlight bounced off what I still can’t believe I found on the ground – a diamond engagement ring. Just think, I’m stumbling into work after a 7-hour night of World of Warcraft raiding, having been awoken by my obnoxious rooster crow alarm clock that I used at the time, and my eyes were sharp enough to catch a small glinting diamond. The mall’s lost and found security guards casually demanded that I just give it to them but I shrewdly gave them a description of the ring, along with my phone number so that the owner could contact me directly, lest one of their part-time mall cops snatch the ring for himself. The ring was very beaten up, and 3 months later (I don’t know, my 90 day “finder’s keepers” clause I created) with nobody having gotten in touch with me, nor the mall’s administration since I checked again, I got the ring appraised at a jeweler, and ultimately sold it on Ebay to fund Tom and I’s Jamaican honeymoon. Ironically I suppose, as my impression was that the ring was chucked out of a moving car’s window in an “I’m-no-longer-you’re-fiancee” argument. Tossing several thousand dollar’s worth of jewelry out a window, that’s a cock-a-doodle-don’t, but Belvita sandwich creme breakfast bars are a cockadoodle-I Do. 5/5

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