Smart Detour Apple Cinnamon: $2.50/Racetrac

smartdetour_apple (3)Something about Smart Detour Apple Cinnamon bar changed. A makeover? A recipe readjustment? Did it quietly file itself into a non-descript office building with a posh, softly-lit interior for a facelift, only to emerge to blinding paparazzi flashbulbs? The last time that I had this bar was several years back when it was on a sample table at Costco, and I returned three times while they were still on sale to buy boxes of them until they disappeared. They were good then, but they’re even better now. I was so happy to see them perched on a shelf at a random convenient store off of I-85 in north Georgia that I’m hoping to encounter them again at Costco so I don’t have to pay gas station prices for single bars.

I definitely took a detour of my own this morning when, in the pastel-splashy skies of dawn I jogged up to a black heap of tubes – Snake! No, watering hose! No, snake! And in my final long-jump approach (recalling my brief high school track & field days), yes, the black shiny coil was a snake. So on my return run down the same street,
I ran on the opposite side and look over to see the pile hadn’t moved. A dead snake, whether poisonous or non, gave me an extra zip to my step to run a bit faster than usual, ensuring my return home before Louise began her echoing morning swan-song of “Mommmmmy” while stretching a limb or two over the railing of her crib in an attempt to swan dive over the side. I’m a casual runner, so jogging my usual distance but quicker was enough of an accomplishment that I may just share it with the whole FitBit FaceBrag community. Or not, I’ll just be Smart and share my tasty delight at an apple flavored bar that doesn’t taste like a green apple Jolly Rancher that has come loose from its wrapper in a lint-y pocket. 4/5
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