Fiber One Chocolate Cheesecake: $2.49/Box of 5/Kroger

fiberone_choccheesecake (4)Devilish, Angelic. Evil dark decadent with a sneaky seraphic guise of a fiber boost. A FiberOne Chocolate Cheesecake bar is really similar to actual cheesecake, a dessert that I really don’t like that much, but in their conveniently wrapped, lower-cal version, I can rally around it. (Unlike The Cheesecake Factory which requires studying and reading its menu far in advance of visiting and attempting to order an entree or dessert – how can your kitchen perfect all of your dishes when there are 30+ pages of offerings?) I probably am one of a select few (setting aside those who are lactose intolerant I suppose for the “Cheese” in the cheesecake) who would prefer to eat a FiberOne brown square over an actual slice of cheesecake. One of the last offices that I worked in liked to call out pick-up orders for single slices of cheesecake for a person’s birthday from The Cheesecake Factory, despite that each slice could feed 3-4 people and so many people ended up choosing the same popular Snicker or Oreo flavor. Then one dude comes along and instead of cheesecake decides that he has to celebrate his conference room natal anniversary with a platter of cocktail shrimp. I pray that shrimp, or any other sea critter, flavored bars, never show up on a store shelf. 4/5
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