Luna Protein Mint Chocolate Chip: Kroger/$1

lunaprotein_mintchoc (5)Minty tastes are evocative of all kinds of things. A handful of starlight mints snatched from a complimentary bowl at the hostess stand as one departs a restaurant. A drippy ice cream cone w/ a scoop of electric green mint chocolate chip ice cream. A piece of Wrigley’s hastily chewed and then jammed in the corner of your mouth in anticipation of a possible stolen kiss in 6th grade. Or toothpaste. Luna Protein Mint Chocolate Chip has a good handle on the chocolate taste, but the mint leans towards toothpaste territory.

I was brushing my teeth by my open bathroom window yesterday. Cheery borderline-Spring temperatures usher in windows flung up to let in a daytime breeze resplendent with the fishy smell of Bradford Pear blossoms, the little white petals sticking to the windshield of your car if you’re so wise as to park beneath one on a windy day. Or maybe your open window allows more for the cacophony of neighborhood sounds on late afternoons when nice weather urges everybody outdoors for all manners of chores, entertainment and just being. I had the pleasure of hearing a barrage of barking from two different families out walking their dogs. The first family scurried down the sidewalk in an effort to deter their pooch from further woofs, while the other group, a mother and her son, leisurely paused on the sidewalk below my window. I guess I wasn’t subtle enough in my watching and waiting to see if the dog was going to poop in our yard, and loe and behold it did, after which the son points and says “Mom, why is the creepy lady in that window STARING at me? She’s still there just staring at me.” After turning to spit out my mouthful of toothpaste (what I would’ve given for that moment to have instead found me safely hidden behind a bedroom curtain window eating a Luna Bar instead), I felt obligated to call out my non-creepiness to the duo in the manner of, “just watching to see that your pet doesn’t defecate on my grass.” Oddly enough the mother remarked, “we’ve been out walking for an hour.” Not. Even. Relevant. Tom and I could only assume that the whole situation was just too awkward for a normal conversation, from yard to window between strangers, so I responded in an equally irrelevant way with “yes, the weather is nice.”

lunaprotein_mintchoc (2)The next morning, there were 5 dookie piles on the sidewalk by our mailbox. Sigh, if I’m the creepy window neighbor lady, I guess better that I wasn’t wearing curlers and brandishing a frying pan, bellowing “get off mah land!” a la David Cross in the episode of Mr. Show when he seceded from the US to become New Freeland. 3/5
lunaprotein_mintchoc (3)

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