Clif Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch: $1/CVS

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“It doesn’t look yummy, but it tastes delicious” – the words of Joanna as she takes a bite of a Clif Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch. And her wise words are right – it looks like a clump of dirt, and wow, it’s very, VERY peanut-ey. I think the title words should be swapped – “Peanut Crunch Chocolate Chip” b/c the chocolate chips aren’t as pronounced as the peanut.

It doesn’t take much for one of these to fill you up. I know that Clif Bars have been around seemingly forever, in comparison to the glut of other products available now, but their purpose is always successful – filling you up w/ a fairly balanced blend of vitamins, protein and carbs , and doing so in a convenient, tasty package. If the calories weren’t quite as high for such a small shape, I’d eat them more regularly. This particular flavor is awesome though w/ the right amount of crunch to soft ratio, and the perfect amount of peanut to chocolate. 5/5
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