thinkThin Cupcake Batter: $1.49/Kroger

thinkthin_cupcakebatter (3)Batter up, batter down, uncooked batter will never make me frown. There’s no difference between a batter that’s going to be poured into cupcake pans, bundt pans, sheet pans, dark metal or glass baking pan – cake batter is cake batter, and not terribly different from muffin batter, less the icing that one might frost the top with. So what makes a thinkThin Cupcake Batter bar any different than calling it thinkThin Cake Batter? It’s the type of batter that should make the flavor, and in this gooey protein/fiber (snack for me) bar, it tastes like the unassuming standard cupcake flavor that you would get a first grade classroom birthday party. Minus the smell of crayola, apple juice, glue sticks, and disinfectant. Not that I recommend giving a thinkThin bar to a first grader, nor am I promoting eating any of the aforementioned classroom products either. The last time that Louise got her hands on a glue stick, it so closely resembles chubby chapsticks that I had to wrench it free from her hands before she smeared it across her lips. So it’s a good thing that glue sticks aren’t scented the way that certain markers and art supplies are now. Cupcake-scented glue, bad idea.

Of all of the thinkThin bars, this falls low on my love-it list. I have always appreciated their ability to tide my hunger over for a little while and in a lower calorie format than their high-protein counterparts, but taste-wise, this one falls flat, the way that my cupcakes do every.single.time I bake them. Even with a heaping smear of frosting, I always end up with a flat-topped cupcake, so in most cases for classroom birthday parties or the more rare “just-because” reason, I end up making a large rectangular cake that has no problem flaunting its flat-top, and letting Louise or Joanna’s eager hands grab at the beaters or the spoons to lick the batter. Cake, cupcake or otherwise, it’s uncooked batter made up of egg, flour, sugar and sweet kitchen fairy dust, and compared to a thinkThin bar, is considerably tastier, but I lose healthy parenting points for sharing it. 2/5

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