Fit Joy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: $1.99/Vitamin Shoppe

fitjoy_cookiedough (4)Nearing the end of January and here in Georgia we recently encountered some freakishly gorgeous 70 degree weather right after our Snowmaggeon freak-out just a few weeks prior. So I laced up my sneakers and went for a labored jog that was more shuffle than run and let my amused eyeballs roam for how many Christmas decorations were still a-twinkle, and inflatable snowmen still laying like deflated balloons across yards. I intentionally leave up some white Christmas lights on a ficus tree in the house just for a smiley sparkle but took down the Santas and other seasonal hoo-has. The beautiful weather, not long after the holidays, was enough to bring some joy to an otherwise crummy past few weeks, the majority of which, I’m not quite open enough to share about here. So even spying a be-ribboned and holly-dotted garland winding around several mailboxes that I passed made me overjoyed, and returning from my run, I treated myself to a FitJoy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar.

It has the same play dough-ish texture of most other protein bars that bear the raw cookie dough flavor, coming in a distant third from Quest’s cookie dough, followed by Victory One Cookie Dough, and probably tying with Balance Cookie Dough. If there was a way that I could pull apart any of these bars into little balls, place them on a sheet pan and bake them into warm protein-laden cookies, that’d be a pretty awesome dessert. This FitJoy; however, isn’t awesome. I feel like I’ve eaten a roll of actual cookie dough; a guilty brick has settled in my gut. So while I may not enJOY this FitJoy, I am glad that I FIT a jog into my week, having not gone on one in so long my legs were all a gangly tangle of limbs on the sun-strewn sidewalk that only several weeks before was snow-strewn. Or well, snow dusted. 2/5
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