Larabar Coconut Chocolate Chip: $1/Kroger

lara_coconutchocchip (4)I appreciate LaraBar’s simple approach to its ingredients and its clean packaging and logo. Usually the color of the wrapper gives a hint as to what the flavor will be, like the key lime pie bar is obviously in a cheerful green wrapper. I love that a LaraBar Coconut Chocolate Chip bar has the unexpected whimsy of a few polka dots implying the addition of chocolate chips to its abbreviated ingredient list. I am stealthily eating one of these bars, little torn bites reached out of my discolored robot tote bag, courtesy of a freebie AthFest 2014 ticket pre-purchase (sure, we’ll call it a “purse”) as I’m in a coffee shop that has a big “no outside food or drink” policy. I’m sure their staff wouldn’t squeak at me or throw me out if they saw me nibbling a Lara Bar but I still don’t want to be that person, like when I worked at Waffle House in college and people would come in and sit with coffee for a few hours but eat something that they’d brought with them.

With my shifty eyes darting like a fox and my fingers feeling around for my next piece of Lara Bar in the robot bag, I spot a perfect coffee shop cliche hipster, and he couldn’t embody it more appropriately as his infinity man scarf is white with large polka dots, just like the Lara Bar wrapper. Yes, he is wearing a gauzy, infinity scarf. And a gray tweed professor-like blazer (Dr. Jones archeologist or poet?) And a herringbone newsboy cap. And skinny jeans. Laptop open, check. The only thing missing is ironic mustache. But the polka dot scarf is adorable and if he were eating a Lara Bar alongside his macchiato white froth foam no cap lite gluten-free blend, the wrapper would be like a camouflaged chameleon against his neck and chest. But I’m eating the bar and in between bites, typing, and hipster-watching, I’m finding that this is a tasty Lara Bar – must be the semi-sweet chocolate chips since I’ve been disappointed by so many Lara Bar flavors. Not only that but I’ve never concealed my less than enthusiastic feeling about coconut but in this bar it’s a nice subtle flavor and not the least bit cocktail-ey. 4/5

lara_coconutchocchip (7)lara_coconutchocchip (5)


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