Kashi Soft-baked Cherry Vanilla: $3.99/Box of 6/Kroger

kashi_cherryvanilla (7)A Kashi Cherry Vanilla smells like childhood lip gloss, or a My Little Pony bakery. I love the ribbon of filling running vertically down the center, as well as when you bite into it, the filling goes all the way though. Definitely reminiscent of a Nutri-grain bar, but Kashi products aren’t quite as “processed.” It wasn’t nearly as soft as the “Soft-baked” description on the wrapper went, but I can get past that, especially when nibbling it to its core – the jammy, cherry filling that is just lightly-kissed with vanilla. So many of Kashi’s products are way bland and in need of a kick in the flavor pants, but I honestly love crumbling Kashi GoLean cereal over Greek yogurt. The dry twigs and puffs in it taste pretty yawn on their own, but they absorb yogurt nicely and provide a nice crunchy texture. I’d gladly eat one of these cereal bars on the go, and feel just as good handing little chunks to Louise! 5/5

kashi_cherryvanilla (4) kashi_cherryvanilla (3)

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