Clif Zbar Full Moon Brownie: $0.69/Kroger


The day of a holiday and those that follow are always a cluttered clearanced cluster of shelf-jammed seasonal hooplupper holiday decor, accessories and festive flavored foods and appropriately scented candles. This past Halloween was no exception. The pumpkin candles, bats, ghosts and purple twinkle lights went up in September and went on sale promptly at dusk of 10/31 because presumably, you’re already out trick-or-treating or at a party and wouldn’t still be putting up cobweb cotton stretchy messes. I scored a box of Clif Kid Zbar Full Moon Brownie the day after Halloween on the cheap from Target, and surprise! It was the same bar as Zbar Chocolate Brownie, but in a skateboarding pirate spooky-themed wrapper. There weren’t any werewolves or pirates encountered this past Halloween, but as far as moons go, I did get to enjoy last Fall’s Super Moon. At least I think I did. If you told me it was a full moon, I would’ve thought that’s a cool full moon. But it was Super. And we won’t see it again for many, many years. So just like a limited-edition flavor of a bar, coffee, candle, or treat that only makes an appearance once in a while, if ever again, I felt obligated to check out the moon. We have really crummy windows that have taken on that permanent iridescent condensation build-up quality, fuzzy and shimmery and just a bit foggy, so the first glance for super moon was eerie and shimmery, so much so that I almost expected to see a werewolf go bounding across our backyard all “awwwhooooo.” Then I went outside and gaped an “O” at the big round white O in the sky and went to bed, satisfied that I’d seen it and could go to bed.

But go to bed I couldn’t because what negligible amount of actual sugar that there is in a Clif Zbar was just enough to wire me for staying up long enough to start watching Black Mirror on Netflix. That was the spookiness that I needed after thinking that Clif hadn’t fooled me with its Halloween-inspired limited edition wrapper that hid nothing more than its regular chocolate brownie bar. But oh my O my, it was still really delicious. Warmed in the microwave, that swivvle of chocolate drip across the top got a little too melty and squished, but the taste was just right as far as a brownie (in organic kid-friendly form goes.) And as the night progressed, my jacked-up fog windows, despite the inbound light of the super moon, moreso resembled a black mirror. Thanks to Clif, Black Mirror, and outer space, I ended up with very peculiar dreams that night. 5/5


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