Bobo Oat Bars Gingerbread: $3.99/Higher Grounds

bobos_gingerbread-3Bobo Bars are like adorable, miniature loaves of bread. I’ve only encountered them at my favorite local coffee shop, Higher Grounds, where their pastry countertop is adorned with cheerful boxes designating all of the varieties of flavors, many of which I have yet to try because they’re a bit pricey. The thick and dense shape of them really is reminiscent of an American Girl doll-sized loaf of bread, and if the flavor is a Bobo Gingerbread, then she would be a perfect little Christmas angel nibbling on a limited edition flavor of holiday-flavored bready bar goodness.

I’ve done well over the years sliding any American Girl doll catalogue that arrives in our mailbox right into the recycling bin because I’ve not wanted Joanna to fall down that doll’s rabbit hole of “I have to have each and every accessory and outfit that goes with Doll-Named-X” thereby sending her parents into bankruptcy. A friend of mine growing up was the envy of us as she had all three of the original dolls, along with their coordinating furniture, books, clothes, hooplummers and doohickeys. She loaned me the books (I was more into reading, My Little Ponies, and DOS Sierra adventure games than I was dolls) but recalling the themes and cover art, I can absolutely imagine Kirsten in her little white dress with Christmas ivy around her head eating a slice of a Bobo Gingerbread bar. Giving this seasonal-flavored Bobo a spin in the microwave (sorry Kirsten, I guess your Pioneer days wouldn’t have provided such a luxury) makes it even more delicious, if that’s possible. Hully-gee, that’s a good rectangle, and it could warm my dodgasted hearth this holiday season. 5/5

bobos_gingerbread-4 bobos_gingerbread-5


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