LaraBar Gingerbread: $1/Kroger

larabar_gingerbread-5Growing up, we had a family friend whose mom, the foxiest silver fox I know, would make us gingerbread houses for a full afternoon of icing and decorating with loads of gommies, goobies, bobbles, and bibbles of every color and candy variety. After a few days of drying out, they took on the most amazing aroma. Something about her homemade gingerbread and icing recipes coupled with recycled wintry heated indoor air made the stale quality of the houses transform, at least in the olfactory sense. Otherwise, cosmetically, they still looked tasty, but weren’t very tasty if a nibble ever broke off, intentionally or accidentally. Opening up a Larabar Gingerbread resulted in a similar smell wafting towards my sniffer, evoking the cheery memories of decorating gingerbread houses at the Nicholsons, and in between icing and a little ninja-nibble of a Neco wafer, gumdrop, or bit’o’honey, we would play “Sardines.”

I recently had to explain to Joanna that Sardines basically is a backwards version of Hide & Seek, where one person hides and everytime the other people looking for him or her find the hider, they join them in their spot, becoming more and more smooshed, like sardines packed in a can. And if you happen to have a crush on one of the other players, you hoped and hoped that he would find you first and you could be sardined alone together, at least for long enough to feel that innocent adolescent warmth, a sweet precursor to eventually playing 7 Minutes in Heaven. I finished this Larabar entirely in seven heavenly bites. I’ve never concealed my less-than-enthusiastic feelings about LaraBars, but seasonal flavor Gingerbread is really quite good. If I shared it with Joanna and Louise, they would probably want to dot it with all of the peculiar old Halloween candies that they recently used to decorate their gingerbread houses. I’m talking about Smartie windows, Twizzler doors, crushed Kit-kat dirt in the front yard, Hershey shutters, and candycorn shrubs. It’s doubtful that it will last for long enough to absorb that sweet, thankfully not sardinesque, smell of my holiday youth because I’ve already caught them sniggling bites. 5/5
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