thinkThin Holiday Cinnamon: $5.99/Box of 5/Target

thinkthin_holidaycinnamon2I fall for limited edition things all the time, real, virtual, edible whatever. Animal Crossing downloadable Christmas content only available today that I have to drive to a Nintendo hot spot to obtain? Yes please. We did the last of our Christmas shopping at Target this past weekend and despite my best efforts to stick to a list, my eye wandered and landed on a “Limited Edition”-stamped thinkThin box , so into the cart it went, an early Christmas gift for me. Alas, Think Thin Holiday Cinnamon bar tastes almost identical to White Chocolate Cinnamon Bun. I’m not disappointed that I’m stuck with the rest of the box because it tastes pretty good, just not blammo good like some of the other Think Thin bars. It’s a cozy flavor, cinnamon warmth and white chocolate smooth.

A pair of pj’s had to go back to Target and I mustered up all of my superpowers to stick to the returns counter but like a magnet’s pull on the front of my cart, I was dragged through the store to the same bar display where I bought the other limited edition flavor of Think Thin, the Dark Chocolate Peppermint. (Coming soon because even though I didn’t have the strength to avoid shopping with the money that I was handed from the returns, I managed to have the willpower to actually gift wrap the box of bars and put it under the tree.) So I wouldn’t feel entirely selfish, I put “To Joanna” on the gift tag because I’m sure she’ll be happy to eat a bar that has chocolate in its title. I gave her and Louise their Target pj’s early so that we’d have them to wear on our annual tradition where we don our sleepywear, grab a candy cane and hot chocolate, put Christmas Pandora on, and drive around the fancypants neighborhoods gawking at Christmas lights. This will be the first year that Louise will be more aware of what’s going on so I think it should be a fun, festive time. I wasn’t quite feeling the Christmas spirit until a few days ago at Louise’s 2-year old pre-school holiday musical. She gave me an unintentional sneak preview of what they were going to perform when we were grocery shopping earlier in the morning when Feliz Navidad came on the speakers and she started doing this little dance that I’d never seen before. Sure enough, her and the other sparkly, amazingly well-behaved kids, did a little Feliz Navidad number. So holiday joy burst from that stage into me, and hopefully it wasn’t of the limited edition variety, as in I don’t want it to only be short-lived. This has been a tough year, and I need to embrace some yule joy and share it with my girls. And speaking of sharing, there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll be sharing the last four Think Thin Holiday Cinnamon bars with the kiddos, and then they fiber soy isolate blend will give them the same reindeer toots. 3/5



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