Mediterra Apricot Pistachio Yogurt: $1.49/Kroger

mediterra_apricot-3Ever since my elementary school Roy G. Biv and Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally days, I’ve always used mnemonics, acronyms and acrostic poems for remembering things. So to remember that today was a field trip for both my husband (a social media/marketing conference) and Joanna (the zoo), I drilled into my head this week FATZ, which nonsensically meant “Field Athens Trip Zoo”, but ended up making me want to eat at Fatz Cafe in Winder. Thinking that I’d already eaten there – no, I’d actually been to Friends Cafe in Winder recently – I reconsidered, as the historical building that the restaurant (Friends, mind you) is in smells like your great uncle’s garage after rain leaked into a cardboard box storing stacks of old road maps. Think musty, stale and thick with undertones of fried and notes of hops. Having never actually been to Fatz before, I checked them out online and see that their menu resembles just family food bag bar fare. I’m down!

But for now, I need to eat something not fatty, and that would be a Mediterra Yogurt & Oat Apricot Pistachio bar. It coincidentally tastes like a snack that I would’ve eaten during a 3rd or 4th grade field trip. Dried fruit like apricot coupled with yogurt just tastes like the “healthier” childhood treat option that you might’ve been allowed at a movie theater or in the candy aisle of the grocery store; those little white yogurt-covered nibs that were sometimes mixed with dried fruit or nuts in the guise of a healthier trail mix. But in comparison this MAY bar IS much better for the general “you” than a trail mix with a heavier leaning towards chocolate over nut or fruit. And it’s quite tasty, but is edged out a bit in the flavor department by Zone P’s yogurt bar that has that tangy quality of yogurt that I prefer, whereas this bar has the nutty texture, and then that gummy dried fruit bits. I’m having a hard time even recalling the last time I had anything apricot-flavored, and it probably was an elementary school field trip nosh. In the case of Tom in Athens for his grown-up field trip today, he’s already texted me tempting teasers of street-signs of all of our favorite haunts for chow, letting me salivate and wonder if he was going to end up with a faceful of quesadilla or pizza. Safe to say he’s not eating a bar too, and Joanna at the zoo? I think I tucked a Quaker Chewy bar into her bag. 2/5

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