Balance Chocolate Peppermint Patty: $1/Kroger

balance_mintchocchip-3We stored and tossed so many of our Christmas decorations, expecting to have been moved into a new house by now, that our place isn’t as festive as I would like. My Dad offered us the artificial snow-powdered 1981 tree that I grew up with, but the thing is massive, and I don’t want to think of those white flakes come into contact with Louise’s mouth, as many non-vegetable items seem to these days. She’s even taken to licking walls and windows like a Willy Wonka character. I can only imagine what chemical it was made from, or what new chemical it has transformed into while living in a discolored plastic bag in a basement for several decades. I let Tom and Joanna pick out our first real tree at the grocery store the other day and it’s adorably tiny perched on a small tiled table, draped in a bed sheet that’s wrapped in rainbow Christmas lights to give it a more tree-ish height illusion. The other morning I was startled when the tree rustled on its own and several ornaments fell off despite that the air vent in the ceiling over it wasn’t running – turns out it was a /shudder/ cockroach leaping from green limb to limb and when I squashed him limb from limb from limb from however many limbs roaches have, I hope he didn’t leave any baby bug family members in my widdle tree.

We had to be selective with ornaments since the tree is so small and it was difficult to paw through the box, picking through which handmade doughy, glittery or gluey ornaments to use and which to replace back into their tissue-wrapped dungeon. Several of the branches looked more sad after the roach jiggled their ornaments loose, so I ended up hanging some candycanes. In their small round Starlight mint form, or cane form, I only want to eat that pepperminty taste during Christmas, and if it’s mixed with chocolate in any format, it reminds me even more of holiday cheer. I used to make white chocolate peppermint bark to give away to co-workers, and recently came across a seasonal chocolate mint herbal tea at the store too. But my bar of yesterday morning was a Balance Chocolate Peppermint Patty, and while it’s not a limited edition flavor only arriving on store shelves in December, it tastes like Christmas to me, and I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much any other time of the year.

Balance has recently revamped their wrapper’s logos which they sorely needed. And several of their bars are now referred to as “Protein Snacks” and split into two handy smaller bars. Perfect for sharing, or not. This Balance bar was not shared by me even though Santa probably had his reproachful eye on me when I told Louise that she couldn’t have a bar-bite. There’s only so much protein that I feel comfortable giving her samples of and she’d already had a banana peanut butter smoothie with a scoop of chocolate protein powder. Santa will forgive me, and I’m sure Louise will too. And since Balance Bars have been so inexpensive lately at Kroger, I can always tuck some into our stockings, or leave one (or its half) on a little plate with a glass of milk for Santa. Unless the roach elves sneak off with is. Gross. 4/5


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