Lara Bar Pecan Pie: $0.88/Kroger

larabar_pecanpie-1Christmas dinner looms and I still taste Thanksgiving leftovers, and when I open the freezer I see rainbow-lidded yogurt containers repurposed for freezing 1 cup portions of gravy; gray gelatinous glorious giblet gravy. This Thanksgiving was the first year that I was given enthusiastic approval to incorporate a new recipe into the traditional food fold. There have been some unsuccessful attempts over the years to ninja in a new recipe, and they’re always shut down in favor of our “regulars.” It took alot of convincing to allow Tom to bring his family’s giblet gravy recipe onto our table, and its first two years’ appearance, my parents still snuck a bowl of powdered gravy mix to the meal for fear of the jiggly giblet. Now, his gravy has solidified (thankfully not literally because that sounds gross) its way into our hearts and stomachs at Thanksgiving. I’ve thrown around the idea of making pecan pie, as well as making a roasted brussell sprout side dish, but in all likelihood, Tom and I would be the only ones who would eat the B.S. bowl unless they were dusted in parmesan, soaked in bacon grease, and sprinkled with unicorn tears. I was given the green light to make a spinach side which delighted me as our vegetables at Thanksgiving and Christmas are far from the green, leafy and/or healthy variety. Pecan pie was given the nuh-uh only because I’m told that my pumpkin pie is so good, it’s the only dessert needed.

If I WAS to make a pecan pie, I could take inspiration from Lara Bar Pecan Pie flavor as its consistency (Lara trademark) and flavor (reminds me of my aunt’s pie, less the one awesomely surprising year where he daughter-in-law incorporated chocolate into it) seems to make this one of the tastier of the Lara Bars. I mean yum, it is good stuff, and there are several pies cooling on Lara’s windowsill of flavors. With the up and down mild afternoon temperatures lately, maybe I’ll be able to open the window and cool my next pumpkin pie like a retro Warner Bros. cartoon grandmother on the sill. And all the better so that the smell of my new spinach recipe can drift on the breeze and hopefully entice to tastebuds of my picky stick-to-familiar-classics family. 5/5




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