Health Warrior Chia Coffee: $1.99/Whole Foods

healthwarrior_coffee-6Everything on social media the past several weeks has been political playground squables. Friends de-friending friends, fake news stories, fickle feuds, and an overall sense of me-versus-you, despite that not everybody who didn’t support one candidate necessarily supported the other. I’m not going to go on a rant here, but I will remark that posting strong political views on Facebook is akin to slapping a bumper sticker on the back of your car. Nobody stopped in traffic is going to change their stance based on whatever slogan adorns your car, and nobody reading Facebook posts, no matter how meme-heavy, link-happy, or hashtag-festooned, is going to change his or her views. If anything, I’m rolling my eyes in the car behind you, or behind my monitor. Or just imagine every foreign leader rolling their eyes at our country right now and the sad state when millions of people didn’t vote but millions want to complain. And millions more have complained about irrelevant issues in the past, things I would gladly see being rumbled about on Facebook these days. Take this time last year when one of the hot-button-topics was /GASP/ Starbucks’ holiday cup being unveiled in its not-festive-enough-design and how maybe it was an affront to Christmas and Christians. And maybe it being a vessel to hold my hot, overpriced caffeinated beverage makes it just a Cup, and not the next President to lead the US?

So now I sit at my monitor, rolling my eyes, eating a Health Warrior Chia Coffee bar, seeing people who I thought had a smattering of braincells bouncing around their skulls, or at least some human decency, respect, or common sense, yet their grammatically-challenged rants against anybody who dare support the candidate who they don’t support come off as something a Health Warrior wouldn’t even waste its time to fight. Put up your dukes, don sweat wrist and headbands, maybe high-cut leotards with leggings (did we really want our Jazzercised calves to sweat more by wearing leggings?) and exercise your agression somewhere other than on social media. Politics and coffee cups come and go every 1, 4 or 8 years, but online friendships, DUDE they are FOR LIFE. A coffee-flavored 100 calorie bite bar is ingested quickly enough that I can alt-tab away from another narrow-minded slam accompanied by offensive meme. Where are my folks offended by coffee cups and I’ll share a 50% 50-calorie crunchy java-flavored bite of this good, not great, bar. 3/5

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