KIND Caramel Almond Sea Salt: $1.49/Kroger

kind_caramelseasalt-5About two years ago we were at Disney World, navigating “fast pass” lines that we were clearly not prepared for as I should’ve done my research as to which attractions to save to our mickey armbands (wow how futuristic the mouse has become), which characters require said fast pass in order to meet, greet and photograph, and which restaurants to book months in advance. I got laughed at, literally CHORTLED at, over the phone when I called to make lunch reservations at Cinderella’s castle 30 days from our trip. When I was a kid, you could just wander up to Mickey at Disney World, hug him, take pictures, chat and dance. But now, if you want to glimpse a princess, let alone get her autograph, a hug or a smile (before she takes a “tea break” and is replaced by a lesser, comical sidekick character), it has to be either fast-passed, or you wait in an hour+ line. One thing that I did smartly take from the seasoned Disney parental pros and their blogs was packing snacks to avoid costly park treats, and I remember waiting in one particularly long line for a Finding Nemo peaceful and quiet cavernous ride and being thankful that I had granola bars tucked in my bag. A mixey-uppey variety of bars jostled around my bag awaiting the impatient rumbles from our family of three as Louise wasn’t even yet a twinkle twinkle in our Small World eye. At the time, KIND would’ve been a lovely choice, but we were traveling on a budget and resorted to traditional Quaker chewies, and possibly the store-brand.

Lines for rides at Disney World didn’t have enough distraction and entertainment to make it any more enjoyable to wait in their snakey curves for whatever 1.5 min. attraction sat at its apex. There is a new medical building going up near the sprawling hospital-adjacent block of the road near our neighborhood and when it’s dark, they have a peculiar fenced railing zig-zagging around from its parking lot up and down its sidewalk to its entryway and when it’s dark, the whole railing is lit-up with bright dots of white lots that gives it an Epcot queue appearance. When I’ve jogged towards it in the dark wee early morning hours, or driven past in the twilight of evening, it makes me want to line up for a ride, and not walk its lit horizontal walkway to have my thyroid checked, blood drawn, bunions removed, or moles examined. It may not be kind of me to poke fun at medical conditions, but seriously, the entrance to this building (chiropractor? diabetes research?) completely resembles the start to a line for an Epcot ride, so much so that I put on my hangry Mickey Mouse face and have to eat a bar. Kind’s Caramel Almond Sea Salt is freaking delicious and could easily quell the most impatient of parent (and child) whilst waiting for a ride. There’s no telling when we’ll make it back to Disney World so I’ll have to settle for chomping into its sweet, nutty, salty goodness while waiting for the next pediatrician to summon us to the doctor’s office for whatever check-up or illness is next. At least our doctor’s waiting room has Disney Movies like Finding Nemo playing to distract us while we wait. 4/5

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