That’s it. Apple Blueberry: $1/Kroger

thatsit_blueberryapple-3I could be joking (… or am I?) when I say that Joanna had a bite of this limp, brown-hued, semi-translucent bar and remarked “that’s it?” My guess is that she thought it was going to be like a Fruit Roll-up, gommy, artificially-colored, sticky and laden with unpronounceable ingredients, not just the two fruit born of the wrapper of a That’s It Blueberry Apple bar. She and I watch alot of outer space documentaries and whenever a scientist makes any claim, guess, stab, or hypothesis about what else lies beyond, Joanna also tends to remark “that’s it” in a sense of “that’s it??” like, what else IS out there. I remember sitting on the porch of the house I grew up in on Blackwater Trail, about her age, and for some reason that particular day my young mind decided to blow itself by attempting to fathom what is at, or beyond, the edge of the universe. I literally felt like I was going to be sick to my stomach, the overwhelming sense of This or That is … It? If a blueberry and an apple were floating in space, would they have just collided with my brain in a big-bang fruit explosion of flavorless cosmic bar-dom?

Cosmic comedy aside, I’ve just come across the most radical necklace ever, three silver chains features not only the Sun and all the planets, but also our Moon and the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It’s the geekiest, but also prettiest, display of gemstones hanging at planetary intervals. The blue and the orangey-red planets look like shiny blueberries and apples, only serving as a reminder for the That’s It bar that I recently, and reluctantly, finished eating because Louise wasn’t around to take the remainder of it off my hands. She’ll gladly eat organic flavorless fruit leather strips still. To this I shout to the heavens, “Blapple, no more” and reach for an apple instead. 1/5
thatsit_blueberryapple-4 thatsit_blueberryapple-2


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  • Davian says:

    Oh how I wish I was getting packed up to go too – you are going to have such a great time! Love your woreunfdl clothes. The thing with the Kindle is how bereft you'd be if you lost it – at least if one of these books goes awry you can just start another! Bon voyage! xxxx

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