Health Warrior Chia Bar Banana Nut: $1.99/Whole Foods

healthwarrior_banananut-4Louise will no longer eat vegetables unless they are almost entirely hidden in a baked good. She used to eat “squeezies” (those astronaut tubes of baby and toddler food blends) but will now only eat the “big kid ones” that are just applesauce or just yogurt. She’s gotten wise to the graphics on the cover and the color scheme. Like Happy Tots “apple kiwi spinach” – the lid, label and logo are green so naturally, she won’t touch it. One shelf in our pantry is still stocked with squeezies so now I have to get creative in hiding THOSE in baked goods. Yesterday’s attempt was a pumpkin/chickpea squeezie added to waffle batter, which resulted in a very limp and flat waffle because I don’t think I adjusted the flour and dry ingredients proportionally to the milk/egg/squeezie. Today was an apple/spinach smoothie that I added vanilla yogurt and honey to. The squeezie’s contents were a sludge brown/green so I had to serve the smoothie in a matte, lidded cup, and success! She drank it.

A banana flavored squeezie, I think is straight up delicious. Like banana pudding pops. But no, the squeezie has a yellow lid which implies, what, an off-putting yellow food like squash or heaven forbid, banana?? So banana squeezie became the substitute for vegetable oil in today’s banana nut muffins, and surprise, warm from the oven with a smear of butter and she loves it. I felt like a health warrior, subbing out oil for a smooshy fruit, but wish that I didn’t have to be a veggie/fruit ninja and hide so much. And speaking of health warriors and banana nuts, I’ve just eaten their chia bar that is a small little nibble, not terribly attractive (see swamp smoothie above – ugly food can be delicious!) and lacking in the flavor department. For all of the banana nut flavored bars that I’ve tried, this one fails the most in capturing that taste, but I really like addition of chia for texture and healthy boost. And should I be at all surprised that Louise loves it? I guess not. The day that she turns down bars the way that she’s turned down squeezies and I have to crumble bars into baked goods is the day that … No, that day won’t come because there are three other mouths in the house that will eat the bars. The squeezies, well, I’m going to clear that pantry shelf with all bizarre methods I can come up with. Tomorrow’s chili will also include a kale/white bean squeezie, you know, for depth and silkiness. 3/5
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