Jif Granola Bar Hazelnut Chocolate: $3.49/Box of 5/Kroger

jif_hazelnut-3A Jif Hazelnut Chocolate bar is deceptively small; wrapping my fingers around the foil packaging and pinching in the ends results in a bar that borders on Halloween-treat fun-sized. Not cool Jif. It’s the bar equivalent of a bag of chips that’s 2/3 full of salty air. I remember my first taste of Hazelnut in the form of Nutella when I went to France in 1996. At the time, hazelnut spread wasn’t as common as it is today, making its way onto the peanut butter shelves in grocery stores and popping up in recipes and snacks. The family I was staying with put small jars with tiny silver spoons perched on their lips on the lunch table, next to a platter of sliced radishes that we ate with sprinkles of sea salt and bottles of Orangina, all things that I wanted to recreate upon returning home to show off my cool Frenchyness. Nutella, thick creamy blankets on hand-torn hunks of crusty baguette were part of an elaborate lunch spread, whereas breakfast was a small, brief affair, cold cereal and milk from a wide-mouthed glass jug. What I would give to go back to France now and not only attempt to refresh my stale French skills, but to also see more of the Louvre than I was able to in my meager 3 hour afternoon. I remember my favorite teacher of all-time, AP Art History in high school, telling us that it would take a week on roller skates, stopping for 1 minute per piece, to see the Louvre in its entirety, and the group that I was with way back when was mostly interested in the over-crowded and over-rated Victory and Mona Lisa exhibits.

A Jif Hazelnut bar is not over-rated in its tastiness and while I waver on giving it a 5, I can’t help but be disappointed in the over-use of wrapper resulting in a 3-bite bar. Vive la bar! 4/5

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