KIND Raspberry Cashew Chia: $1.99/Walgreens

kind_raspberrycashew-4San Francisco is a very kind city, in all senses of the word. During my recent trip there for my dear friend Maggie’s glorious wedding celebration, I never once encountered anybody who wasn’t kind. Maybe a handful of scatterbrained and forgetful servers in a few of the restaurants where we ate, but nobody who was ever outright rude. And every corner you turned down had a Walgreens loaded with KIND bars of every flavor available. And these aren’t like the pharmacy Walgreens that we have here around Atlanta – these Walgreens were mini supermarkets with aisles of groceries and produce, along with the standard chain’s drugstore fare. I was convinced that every other storefront regardless of whichever colorful and eclectic neighborhood we ventured into was going to be either a Starbucks or a Walgreens. After a cable car ride that ended up being one-way, the end of which in Union Square was a line wrapping the length of more than a block, my group of friends and I decided to hoof it back to our hotel in Fisherman’s Wharf rather than Uber. Partway through China Town, I reached into the dark recesses of my ugly travel tote bag and unearthed a KIND Raspberry Cashew Chia bar, a glorious red and brown polka-dotted sight to behold that got me through the last of the notorious San Francisco hills. I like eating raspberries picked straight from a prickly bush so that the juice stains your cuticles and fingertips and the seeds lodge in your teeth, but this KIND bar isn’t quite as messy, maybe just a little harder to bite into without getting some of the chia niblets stuck in your teeth, but very delicious. I loved landing in California and immediately seeing palm trees, and upon departing, saying goodbye to the waving fronds, thinking I’d see palm trees again very very soon for our Fall trip to Kiawah, but unfortunately, we’ve had to cancel our vacation so I’ll settle for a tropical raspberry memory of Maggie’s seaside wedding ceremony and a palm tree doodle. 4/5




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