Fit Joy Cinnamon Roll: $0.00 Sample/GNC

fitjoy_cinnamonroll-3Electronic library book-lending is freaking awesome (when I’m able to finish the book within the 21 days allotted before it’s cycled back to the next person waiting on it.) I’m not saying that I don’t like feeling the well-loved, thumbed-through heft of an actual book-book, and if it’s a small town library book with that discolored, aged, musty quality, I’m OK with that too. But when I discovered electronic library book borrowing, it was like angelic harps and parting clouds for this book worm.

I turned on my Kindle a few weeks ago and the sleep screen ad was for a new bar called “Fit Joy”, so I had to swipe left for learn-more rather than dive right back into the book that I’m devouring right now (Noah Hawley’s Before the Fall.) Cheesy reviewers spouted lines that sounded like they were paid for their glowing 5-star reviews, “Step back Quest, there’s a new protein bar in town!” being the most snicker-worthy of them. I didn’t want to have to order a box of Fit Joys, so I ventured to a new GNC that opened up nearby, but drat, the dude working wouldn’t honor my coupon for their location’s Grand Opening. It was only 5 days behind, c’mon, but he ended up letting me get 10% off 5 bars. I picked up a few random ones (No Cow? Sure why not.) And while he only had a few flavors of Fit Joy available and said that based on popularity, they might consider stocking more, I was pleased to see adorable little sample-sized Fit Joy’s at the check-out counter in the Cinnamon Roll flavor. According to reviews, this was THE flavor to eat, and how great that I was able to take a small wrapped sample-sized bar with me. I feel like a giant wrapping my hands around this adorable bar, but 3 insanely delicious bites later and I’m sad that it’s over. I wish that I’d ninja’d several from the store’s counter, but I know that it’s awesome enough that I’ll order a boxful of them. It’s pretty with its icing drizzle, and it’s more than good, it’s just wonderful and wouldn’t even need to be warmed up the way that I find a Quest Cinnamon Roll bar needs to be. 5/5

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