Lenny & Larry Complete Cookie Pumpkin Pie: $2.49/Publix

lennylarry_pumpkinpie-1Not long after pumpkin spice flavoring takes over the world in late summer, eggnog, peppermint and gingerbread aren’t far behind. The peculiar pumpkin products continue to astound (and occasionally repulse) me. I thought that Boomchickapop’s pumpkin spice kettle korn was going to be my favorite this time around until my aunt introduced me to a different flavor of popcorn, not limited to a season or orange gourd, but Trader Joe’s dill pickle popcorn. Nothing remotely autumnal about it, she insisted that we get a bag from TJ’s when she was in town visiting my parents this past weekend, and just as some products shouldn’t have that pumpkin spice taste, I felt that pickles have no place in popcorn. Was I ever mistaken. I think my hand snuck its way into that bag to to point of nearly finishing it in a single afternoon, and it’s probably a good thing that there isn’t a TJs near me or I would be buying bags and bags of the stuff. On the other hand, I DO need to make one more stop at TJ’s when I’m down at my parents’ in order to stock up on their “A Pumpkin Walks into a Bar” bars, but in the meantime, I’ll ingest a pumpkin flavor in a round bar shape, not unlike a chubby round pumpkin, in the form of a Lenny & Larry Complete Cookie.

Just like their other flavors (that surprisingly, I’ve been seeing pop up on gas station shelves nestled between more common Nature Valleys, Kellogs and Kinds), it’s a 2-servings per package macro, but ignoring the high calories and thinking, hey, it’s Fall, I should be eating to prep an extra layer of Ticia for approaching colder weather hibernation. And like the other L&L’s, it’s very dry, and neither a microwave spin, nor a coffee dip enhanced or improved the texture. It tastes like a sugar cookie with a dainty spoonful of pumpkin pie spice stirred into the dough. Now that I’ve eaten half of it, I wish I had taken the round opportunity to draw a jack-o-lantern’s face onto it. We visited one lonely tattoo-clad farmer’s tent a few days ago that, despite its large “Pumpkin Patch!!” neon sign and wacky waving arm inflatable ghosts streetside, was far from being what I would consider a pumpkin patch. We still managed to capture some cute pictures that upon being cropped of the nearby strip mall and auto-laden roadway, resembled a more rural pumpkin patch. Louise was happy, and our medium-ish, knobby and warty pumpkin will be painted with a face later today. Not feeling the knife carvy skills unless it’s me using a knife to cut a L&L cookie in half. 3/5


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