Detour Simple Chocolate Chip Caramel: $3.99/SFO Airport

detour_chocolate-8Airport magazine stands have such an outrageous mark-up on snacks, but I couldn’t resist trying a new bar out on my recent return flight from San Francisco. I had 2 hours to kill in the small, efficient, and easily-navigable SFO gate, unlike the chaos that is the sweeping expanse of the Atlanta airport, and I didn’t want to wait in line at the only restaurant, so I picked up a few bars and found a patch of floor with a nice hilly window view and chomped and doodled. Polishing off a Detour Simple Chocolate Chip Caramel (similar in taste and texture to a Balance bar but larger and more candybar-like with its chocolate exterior) left me feeling satisfied, and glad that I didn’t encounter any detours while roaming the also hilly streets of San Francisco.

Keeping to my feet made me feel a lot less guilty about all of the endless meals that I ingested, especially during the first day when I gained so many hours from flying at the crack of dawn, resulting in triple breakfast, /brunch, lunch X 2, tapas + cocktails, hors d’ouevres, dinner quantity one, and late night snack (and by late night, my body was climbing on nearly 24 hours, so I was a shuffling zombie.) The last people to witness my droopy-eyed hotel hallway shuffle were 3 dudes who found it hilarious that I was from Georgia, and demanded that I confirm the quality of our peaches, to which I remarked, while dumping out contents of my bag on a mission for room key, that I always preferred our great state’s roadside peanuts to the drippy fuzzy fruit.

But sometimes a detour can make an adventure more adventurous and while my only California child-free trip detour was the bar that turned out to be worth its overpriced newsstand cost, I can strongly say that most things eaten in a seaside state just taste better and that any hiccup on the roads traveled (whether by Uber, foot or cable car, we walked near, and we walked far) were met with pleasurable chants of “Rice-a-Roni” or the theme song from “Full House” rather than a devilish Georgia grumble. 4/5

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