Fiber One 90 calorie Chocolate Peanut Butter

fiberone_chocpb90cal-3A FiberOne Chocolate Peanut Butter bar tastes, and looks, strikingly similar to South Beach snack bar of the same flavor. Whatever it is that the all-knowing and vague “they” do to condense a dry bar’s worth of 90 calories with a token dotting of chocolate or peanut butter chips I just don’t know. For that amount of calories though, I’d much prefer half of a significantly less dry bar, or a FiberOne soft-baked square. The All-knowing Wizard of Oz wouldn’t be caught dead eating one of these, unless he were hiding behind his curtain. I just started reading a YA series beginning with “Dorothy Must Die”, and all I can tell so far is that a teenager from a cliched disappointing upbringing in a trailer park is whisked in said trailer via a tornado to what is seeming to be a much more sinister land of Oz. I haven’t gotten very far, or even far enough to know if it’s a series that I’ll stick with, but I’ll give it a chance.

Lately I’ve been writing more and more reviews on books, restaurants, hotels, cosmetics, and just about anything that I’ve ordered off of Amazon. I’m not sassy or smart-mouthy, but if I don’t like something, I’ll be like Homer the Food Critic and tell it like it is. Like the off-brand Crocs that I got in the mail for Louise with the toe fashioned to be a hot pink puppy dog, but her pair’s googly eyes had one eyeball perma-stuck in the upward rolled position. Poor pink perky pooch has wonky eye and no amount of shoe-smacking would make the black google dot fall back into place. I was happy to write a review about the shoe. And if I don’t like this unusual take on Oz, maybe I’ll review it later. For now, we’ll get back to FiberOne Chocolate Peanut Butter in that it is a tidy and small bar with a peanut butter drizzle and occasional bite of chocolate, but in the end, it’s another arid bar with loose oatey chunks that threaten to get stuck between my teeth. 2/5



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