think Thin Brownie Crunch: $1.49/Kroger

thinkthin_browniecrunch-4I am an AAFF. Airport Anxious ‘Fraidy Flyer. I’m not scared of airplanes, it’s the actual travel and navigating airports that makes my skin crawl. Am I early enough, am I too early, do I have the right paperwork, is my hand sanitizer too large, did that newspaper stand really only sell Nature Valley Oats & Honey bars? I won’t be committing travelsty (yes, intentionally misspelled) by not being prepared for the trip that I am leaving for tomorrow. My first trip away from my husband and both girls; little do they know but Mom has already made school lunches for the next several days, laid out clothes, arranged playdate times so Dad doesn’t have to exchange awkward texts with the mothers of school-pals, and written up sample dinner menus. I’m not so evil that I’m not allowing them one pizza night out though. I am prepared in that I have packed many a bar so I’m not stuck with an overpriced rubbery egg sandwich in the airport, or a questionable fruit salad on the plane. When I land is entirely a different story because my destination is San Francisco to attend the wedding of a dear old friend. I’ve been there once before and the food scene well, it’s the kind of city where every memorable meal is followed by a twinge of regret knowing that there was another memorable meal that could’ve been ingested. “Soup or salad???” will always be the soup that got away for me. Bars will only be ingested pre and post flight, unless it’s an artisan hipster-made chia local-honey infused, dried in the sun and dotted with an unpronounceable organic sustainable berry that comes from a farmer’s market tent at Fisherman’s Wharf.

One of the bars that I thought about packing but instead chose to eat this morning after attempting the ages 2-4 “Inchworn Storytime” at the library (Louise was not impressed that the art project was making a tool belt and instead wanted to use the gluestick like it was chapstick – she must be the girly-girl that Joanna never was) was a Think Thin Brownie Crunch. It’s heavy, dry and thick, and doesn’t taste nearly as good as Quest Brownie bar. I hate to raise the Quest comparison flag so often, but they really do rule. I think this morning I would’ve benefited more from a Think Thin Fiber/Protein bar that wouldn’t have sat like such a brown brick in my gut since I had to inhale an early lunch and scram out the door to where I am now (local coffee shop) so that our house would be empty for an inspector. Mentally crossing my fingers that our house is appraised at what the potential buyers are aiming for their loan, but there is part of me hoping that we don’t hear anything until I return from San Francisco because my brain grapes need a break from real estate. Once my posterior is comfortably planted in a seat in the airport (with an hour plus to spare, I’m sure), I will dig through my stash for another bar. 3/5

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