ZonePerfect Chocolate Caramel Cluster: $0.50/Kroger

zoneperfect_caramelcluster (3)Wow, if there were actual peanuts buried inside this chocolate-caramel treasure of a bar, this would be a darn close clone of a Snickers! Loving the crunchy texture and the caramel beneath the chocolate. I don’t think I’ve been disappointed by a Zone bar yet only because they all seem to veer into candy bar territory.

I was lucky enough to get a Zone Perfect Chocolate Caramel Cluster, along w/ a pile of others, for $0.49 each at Kroger during one of their “buy-10-qualifying-items-save-$$$” events (I also bought 20 bags of different flavors of Goldfish crackers, but that’s an entirely separate addiction – is there such a thing as being TOO snack-obsessed?), so I’ll have more Zone bars to try out. I hope they all are as good as this one. Their robot/chefs/taste-test-team have produced a quality enrobing of chocolate, although I’m glad to hear in recent news that they acquired Fiber Love (renaming Fiber D’lish) which will be their 1st non-enrobed bars because I have to say, that those are some of my all-time favorite bar flavors. As long as Zone doesn’t change the perfectly soft textured recipe of them! 5/5

zoneperfect_caramelcluster (5)

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