Bobo’s Oat Bars Cinnamon Raisin: $2.99/Higher Grounds

bobo_cinnamonraisin (3)My morning run rewarded me with what I can only describe as a Cheeseburger Sunrise as I neared my 5 mile goal. The clouds were striated in such a way that the remaining twilight poofiness resembled buns and the sliver of sun rising between them, an orange melty slice of cheese perfectly blanketing a peek of burger patty sky. And then my stomach turned because it’s not ready to think about burgers after the Andre the Giant 20 oz. Burger Challenge that I punched in the face yesterday. Higher Grounds Coffee Shop offers grass-fed burgers on Thursdays only, and yesterday happened to be my brother’s birthday, so I planned on attempting their burger challenge (finish it, along with chips and iced tea in 30 min. and they pay the $25 bill) and if successful, I would donate what I would’ve spent on the meal to cancer research at Emory in honor of my bro. What I’ve neglected to share with Rectangle Foodies is that my brother is about to begin radiation and chemotherapy and I’m keeping spirits positive and upbeat, figuring a burger on his birthday (even if I couldn’t share it with him) would be fun (and only slightly agonizing) for me to eat, but a unique way to give money back to the fantastic team that is going to take care of him. With a mere 3 minutes to go, my face hole was a big “nuh uh” of rejection to the small scraps of bun that remained on my plate. I attacked this mountain of meat with so much enthusiasm, hunger and speed from the start that my stomach, despite my best efforts to hop around and do the intestinal shimmy-shake, wouldn’t take those last few bites. But the restaurant’s owner called me a success, and my brother was touched (and thankfully not sad that he didn’t get to try this outstanding burger), so I’d say it was a win all around. So now friends are sharing other local food-eating contests with me on Facebook thinking that I’ve got an iron stomach and can eat, ohh I don’t know, a 3 lb. burrito or a 24″ pizza.

Upon finishing the burger, I got the meat shivers instead of the meat sweats, and went up to the counter to order a coffee, and that’s when I spied their display of Bobo’s Oat Bars in several scrumptious-sounding flavors. I picked up a few of them, for later of course, as it would be many many hours before I would be able to ingest anything that required chewing and swallowing. After encountering Cheeseburger Sunrise this morning and quickly averting my eyes back to the sidewalk so as not to dwell on the thought of burgers in patty, cloud, or any form at all, I returned home to nosh a Bobo Oat Bar Cinnamon Raisin. You might laugh if I say that I was concerned over noting that it contained 2 servings at 180 calories each, seeing as how yesterday I probably ate a 2500 calorie lunch in 30 min. But I really do have a problem with single packaging items, like small bottles of drinks, bars, or lunchbox size bags of snacks that are sneaky about its nutritional label indicating more than one serving. So I cut Bobo in half and Louise was happy to share. It smells like something that just emerged from a bakery; barely having torn into a corner of the wrapper and my face is enveloped on its sweet cinnamon raisin aroma. It’s a very thick bar and not so terribly sweet, so it was the perfect accompaniment to coffee without feeling like a treat. High price, quality ingredients, good taste firmly plants a Bobo in a 3/5 for me, but my brother will always be a 5, and I hope my next 5-mile run has the lightening sky morphing into something that doesn’t fall into any meat category.
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