FiberOne Protein Cookies & Cream: $3.99/Box of 5/Target

fiberoneprotein_cookiesncream (4)I’m wondering if this is Fiber One’s take on Luna Protein but with a considerable reduction in calories. Out of the package, it is nearly identical in size and in its chocolate outer layer glossiness. It doesn’t seem quite as heavy and dense as a Luna Protein, but maybe that’s because of its fiber-filler. One bite, and I could be a Victorian lady in a hoop skirt with one hand held to my forehead, the other held demurely to my Cupid’s kettle drum as I fall backwards onto a tufted, velvet-covered fainting couch. This is GOOD. I mean, dash my wig, this Fiber One Cookies & Cream is really, really good.

I am going to have to get back to Target where I bought this box and scrounge up what other available flavors there are for these protein bars because I haven’t encountered many of them in Kroger. I’ll also have to skirt my cart in avoidance of the video game and cosmetic aisles as those are my Target Achilles’ heel. The only other Cookies & Cream bar I can recall having eaten recently is Quest’s, but I like this one way better. Yes, I know the texture, price, and purpose of the 2 are entirely different, but as far as tasting like cookies n’ cream (or does the apostrophe go before, or on both sides of the ‘n’?) this one totally wins every tastebud in my tatur-trap. 5/5
fiberoneprotein_cookiesncream (5)fiberoneprotein_cookiesncream (3)

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