18 Rabbits Caramel Apple: $4.99/Box of 6/Target

18rabbit_caramelapple (3)This past Monday morning’s jog was an olfactory and auditory orchestra, departing at 5:45 a.m., early enough to have last night’s storms still being sung by the frogs, the crickets a-chirp, leftover rain dripping off gutters, and my footfalls, all of which came together somehow in my head to the tune of “Come On Eileen.” Nose assaulted with Monday morning’s sidewalk dumpsters, and only occasionally more pleasant smells like wet grass. It wasn’t long before the frog’s tune was replaced by birdsong, and the dominant smell was that of … me. I counted 10 rabbits on my run (my record is sitting at 13), so not quite as many as that of the bar that I ate upon relieving myself of said offensive odor humming Save Ferris’s version of “Come On Eileen” in the shower – an 18 Rabbits Caramel Apple granola bar.

Yum, what can I say: these rabbits make a good bar, even if it’s marketed at kids. It is much more refined (and not in the sense of “manufacturer/factory refinery”), but just a more sophisticated of a flavor for a kids’ bar than the typical oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip. It tastes like October 31st compacted into a cute red wrapper. I’m not quite ready to think of Halloween yet (although from what I saw in Target a few days ago, they’re already clearing out the “back-to-school” section and prepping for everything fall) but this is a tasty bar, and maybe it will inspire me to consider dressing Louise as a “hop-hop” (what she sweetly calls bunnies) for her costume this year. 5/5
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