Oh Yeah! ONE Birthday Cake: $1.99/Publix

victory_bdaycake (3)There haven’t been many instances where I’ve unwrapped a bar and immediately broken into a grin. The only times that I can recall a bar eliciting a smile from me (from something other than its taste) is the Zone Perfect Cookie Dough that looked like a squashed blob of homemade liver-colored play-dough.

Today Louise is no longer one (hence the beachy-themed doodle; oh how I hope we are able to make our October beach trip but there’s a chance that we’ll be in a different school that doesn’t have Fall break that week) and with a victorious upward thrust of my fist in the air for her and I powering through my having had HELLP Syndrome for the second pregnancy around, we salute another year that she’s shown that premature peanut who’s boss. And this little 2-year old lady IS a boss. Bossy-diapered and Sassy-mouthed. But for her birthday, we’ll share again, the most smile-inducing bar ever. And I’ve also eaten the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-embossed (or is it engraved? Or embedded?) bar. An Oh Yeah! One Birthday Cake bar is covered in rainbow jimmies!! Not just little colorful specks and spots, but honest to goodness jimmies. There’s no way that it’s going to taste as good as it looks, but oh wait! It does, it tastes significantly better than Zone Perfect Kids’ Birthday Cake bar that I don’t believe is even made anymore as it looks like Clif has nabbed the smaller-sized bar market for kids. Oh Yeah! One bars might be heavily medicated in artificial sweeteners, but I’ll be glad to share a colorful bite with the birthday girl because how can I ignore the cherubic twinkle request of a Nola ‘Bah. 5/5
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