Pure Protein S’mores: $1.49/Kroger

pureprotein_smores (4)I was sitting on a coupon for buy-2-save-$x on either Pure Protein or MetRX bars and I went w/ PP (haha the 5 year old in me giggles) b/c the MetRX ones remind me too much of my 1st real job at Smoothie King, where I believe the Muscle Punch smoothie had several scoops of MetRX powder in it, which I thought tasted awful, powdery and chalky. Course that was 20 (SHUDDER CRINGE) years ago, so maybe their flavor has changed. Thank goodness there wasn’t social media and camera phones and Yelp back then b/c one of our disgustingly-favorite things to do was make dare smoothies. Say I had just returned from the Mexican restaurant at the other end of the shopping center w/ a quesadilla lunch, and my co-worker was finishing up her fast food hamburger. Enter the Burgadilla smoothie. Leftover lunches became a revolting challenge in intestinal control. I’m sure customers would have loved to have known that their fruity smoothie was being blended in a blender that had recently whipped up a Tacosagna.

It’s too bad that I never thought to create a S’mores-flavored smoothie; both start w/ “Smo” so I’m sure there’s a clever name waiting to be born, and all it would take would be marshmallow fluff, chocolate protein powder, and if it’s still being used at Smoothie King, the protein powder that was the most unusual shade of pistachio green, but tasted like graham cracker. Well in its rectangular, and not smoothitacular form, this Pure Protein S’mores bar actually tastes s’more good. It doesn’t quite compare to Luna S’mores, but it’s better than Quest S’mores. The chocolate outer layer is as milk chocolatey as you can get b4 diving into the graham/marshmallow guts of the bar. I definitely get a chemical after-taste that I wish came closer to the taste of a burnt marshmallow, but overall taste and texture earn this a 4/5.
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