Luna Dark Chocolate Hazelnut: $1/Kroger

luna_hazelnut (3)Thar’s gold in dem dar hills, GOLD I tells you, GOLD! I came so close to doing the 1920’s gold prospector’s dance (that IS a thing, right? I mean, Tom and I do it just to get a smile out of one another; it’s like the California 1920’s version of the Russian dance) in the bar aisle at Kroger a few months ago when I saw a veritable gold mine of new bars. I really had to limit myself as I already had enough actual food-food to buy, not to mention a squeaking toddler who no longer is amused by being buckled into a buggy and wants “up and down up and down.” But seeing new Luna flavors was the clincher for me as I feel like it’s been forever since they’ve released anything new.

So this Sierra game Gold Rush. With its different methods of getting from Boston to California, all fraught w/ danger, disaster, and damn hard puzzles. Not to mention annoying bugs that would lock the game up, making me want to throw out that 3X5 floppy disk, scribbled w/ “Ticia’s Gold Rush Save Files” on its label over “Sonny’s English Essays.”

Luna’s Dark Chocolate Hazelnut bar has a new shape – it’s more slender and long, as opposed to its more squat and wide bar size. I can’t tell if that means a reduction in actual content or not, but this one requires a love of hazelnut as that is really the dominant flavor here. It tastes like something that would come in an overpriced cup at Starbucks. Joanna insisted on Starbucks during our back-to-school shopping at Target the other day, and despite the 100 degree heat index, we had black coffee and hot cocoa. Kids these days will never know the struggle of saving on floppy disks, but I guess grandparents could say the same of my age-group about walking to school in 100 degrees, panning for gold or /shudder, not having hundreds of bar flavors to choose from. 4/5
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