NuGo Free Dark Chocolate Crunch: $1.99/Whole Foods

nugofree_dkchoccrunch (3)The “crunch” of a NuGo Free Dark Chocolate Crunch has a very stale quality, so much so that I double-checked the best-by date on the wrapper to ensure that I hadn’t bought a dud dessert. And yes, the dark chocolate is heavy enough that I put this more in the dessert category than snack or meal replacement. It gets points for the chocolate flavor but is failing in the texture department. Must be those “non-GMO rice protein crisps and brown crisp rice” that I guess are the vegan equivalent of Rice Krispies. If I were in a dark movie theater, whether or not I was craving dark, milk, white chocolate, or something salty instead, I might eat another of these. I love digging around the bottomless pit of my purse – my one and only actual grown-up (/shudder) purse (at least I didn’t say “pocket-book”) trying to feel for what sneaky snacks I snuck into the cinema. My apologies to theater executives, but matinees w/ kids already cost me $40; I can’t bring myself to buy a bag of candy for $5 when I can reach in my bag and probably unearth granola bars that weren’t intentionally packed as movie-food; I’m a Mom, I have all kinds of randomness in that abyss. (But thankfully, as of well over 2 years now, the cloth liner of my bag is no longer asprinkle w/ tons of loose tobacco fell from banged-up packs of cigarettes. That doesn’t mean you won’t find Splenda packets pilfered from restaurant tables. Am I coming off as cheap or what?)

I like most of NuGo’s products, but this one’s price and strange stale quality doesn’t just make it so-so, it’s a no-go. What is a go later today is attempting movie theater experience #2 with Louise. The first one I tried with her constantly nursing before having to give up and leave early (they actually refunded me), and this time around, she’s a bit older and can sip on a straw instead of mah boobs and munch on a Nola Bah of her own. Let’s hope that “The Secret Life of Pets” gets a better score from me than a NuGo bar. 1/5
nugofree_dkchoccrunch (4)nugofree_dkchoccrunch (2)


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