Kroger Simple Truth White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Energy Bar: $0.80/Kroger

krogersimpletruth_whitechocmacadamia (3)My detective skills don’t require a magnifying glass, my sniffer (as large as it is, thanks Dad genes) or any other Scooby Doo sleuthing abilities to see that this bar is going to be Kroger’s version of a Clif bar. Other than its corners only being slightly less rounded, it looks like a Clif bar on the top, but turning it over (shudder) and it looks like a pre-schooler dribbled Elmer’s glue on it and smeared it around – the top might have that nice diagonal icing drizzle, but the base for some reason has a gray-ish hued globule appearance. Moving onto the taste and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut tastes like a Whole Chunky Meh Nothing. My tastebuds barely register anything approximating white chocolate or macadamia at all, and I would much rather have spent the bit of extra to have had Clif’s far tastier version.

I’m not snobbish about store-brand things, some are better than the name-brand one, and some are just lousy. I love that Kroger’s customer service is so great that when I’ve not liked one of their generic products, that they’ve always given me my money back along w/ the normal one. It hasn’t happened all that often, but definitely w/ the Kroger brand jug of “gourmet” jelly beans; I don’t know how you wreck a fruity-flavored pectic ovoid, but they all tasted horrible. It was near Easter at the time and they didn’t have the Jelly Belly large jars in stock, but they had loads of miniature mixed flavor bags of Jelly Bellies, so they let me buy as many bags as equaled the same weight of the jar. I think I came home w/ 20 bags of various flavors of jellybeans. The only other time that I recall their customer service being rockstar was when I opened up a package of Simple Truth tofu and it literally looked like a shark had taken a chomp out of a corner of it; the block was easily missing 1/5th of its bulk, and after I posted a picture of it on their Facebook page (not being mean or snarky about it, although some chick remarked in the comments, “eeeeyuck, maybe you should be eating meat?”) their customer service emailed me and issued me a credit right onto my Kroger plus card. 2/5
krogersimpletruth_whitechocmacadamia (4)krogersimpletruth_whitechocmacadamia (2)

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