Clif Organic Wild Blueberry Almond: $1.49/Kroger

clif_wildblueberryalmond (3)Blue. All things were blue on the cloudless sky this past Tuesday morning when I went for my run. A carnage of Fourth of July leftovers littering the streets, all spotted with blue-gray splotches where fireworks had been set off the night before. Blue dumpsters left out on the curb from trash pick-up being a day behind due to the holiday falling on a Monday, most of which had flopped open to reveal patriotic heaps of beer and firework trash. And look over there! I ran past a smooshed blue swimmy diaper on the sidewalk, along with several blue Bic lighter shells, their innards having been discarded when their flicks and flints no longer spurted fire for their intended targets. Black & Milds, fireworks, or sparklers. The fiery wake of the preppy ‘Murican parade that toodled its way around my neighborhood the evening before . 10+ golf carts dangling Mardi Gras beads, flags, and streamers, each blaring a cacophony of country and rap. And lastly, the little cardboard soldiers patterned in red, white, and blue, their bases having blown clear, resembling singed toilet paper rolls. I shouldn’t torture myself with a jog the morning after a holiday as it always depresses me, like seeing Christmas trees ready for trash pick-up on a driveway and recycling buckets with bouquets of liquor bottles reaching out of the lids. But I insisted on running past the remnants of what had been a 3-day weekend of celebrating our nation’s birth through explosions and booze.

And I celebrated the return home from this run with the reward of a Clif Wild Blueberry Almond Organic trail mix bar because, you know, blue. (You thought I was going to say that I was feeling blue, but I can’t help my happy face endorphines after a good run.) I ended up chasing them with a handful of fresh blueberries gifted to us by a friend who’d recently picked them from her uncle’s berry farm because I needed a “real” blueberry taste. I would’ve thought Clif’s organic bar would’ve been successful in the blueberry and almond department, those being the starring flavors, but it was a flop. A bland flop that, through its translucent wrapper window, looked great, but in my mouth tasted like the dry cardboard firecracker casings that had decorated the neighborhood streets. (Less the sooty aftertaste.) My tastebuds prefer the fresh berries and if I had had almonds handy, I think the salty crunch would’ve been a satisfying accompaniment to the explosive (non-fireworky) bite of little wet blueberries. 2/5
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