Clif Zbar Purple Power

clifzbar_purple (3)A huge purple building is being erected at the entrance of our neighborhood. Like Walmart huge. And I know that the purple is temporary, just whatever wall-guts until the facade goes up, but for the past several weeks, we’ve witnessed this gigantic building looming over the homes at the front of the neighborhood. Joanna had high hopes that it was going to be a purple castle, and I’m equally as disappointed as she is, that sadly no, it will neither be purple, nor a castle, but rather a new 12Stone Church. I’ve been to one of the 12Stone churches for a wedding, but it felt more like a high school auditorium than a place of worship. I’m not knocking anybody’s right to practice his or her religion in any location of their choosing, but it reminded me more of the episode of The Simpsons when Reverand Lovejoy needs to make money for his church and his sermons become sponsored ads for products and pizza. I think the bigger concern is the weekend traffic that a church of this size will bring. For now, the purple is starting to become more of a gray structure, and the last time that I walked past the sidewalk where the entrance to the construction is, I had Louise in her stroller and she was cheerfully calling the fringe of weeds poking along our route “Twees!!” because according to her, all matters of green vegetation are trees.

After said walk, she and I shared a Clif Zbar Purple Power and as Joanna has taught her (see “Baby Nom-Nom ‘To the Rescue!'”) fruits and veggies give us super powers! I was psyched to see these new Zbars at Target and even though the purple is an unusual shade bordering on what I imagine certain organs look like – a mix of charcoal gray and eggplant purple – it has Clif Zbar’s icing drizzle, and honestly tastes pretty good. And I’m duped like all the other snacks declaring vegetables as ingredients since it’s only a beet powder. But I guess a pulverized vegetable powder is better than a chocolate coating, although I’m inclined to eat another bar of any variety since sharing this one with Lou resulted in more of her squeaks for “Mo Bah!” and me not eating enough. Bar Stash – to the rescue! 4/5

clifzbar_purple (4)clifzbar_purple (2)

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