Kellog’s Pastry Crisp Strawberry: Box of 5/Kroger

kellogpastrycrisp_strawberry (3)Kellog’s Pastry Crisp Strawberry is like a dieter’s strawberry Pop-Tart, or rather, the original unfrosted blah-tart. Tom grew up being told that he could eat the naked strawberry Pop-Tarts but only if he made them more “healthy” by smearing peanut butter on top. I’m not sure what planet his parents were on where that was the only way that they’d let him or his sister eat Pop-Tarts, but he still stands by that today w/ Joanna. (Whereas I buy the wackadoodle limited-edition flavors of Pop-Tarts, take one bite, then declare them too sweet (every.single.time) and go back to my spinach and mushroom omelet. I just think as I’ve aged, my sweet-tooth has decreased considerably and I sway Sriracha over Sugar.

But this Kellog’s two-pack is so dainty and sweet, I wouldn’t even want it to be coated in that strange Pop-Tart cement, always in some color not found in nature, not counting the Brown Sugar Cinnamon one that’s kind of like my hair color – light brown w/ no hint of honey, caramel, or any other dessert-like adjective that hair salons like to use when trying to talk you into more highlights. I’m a drugstore-dye dame who only occasionally splurges on a hair salon trip, but there’s a small part of me that wants to try white spikes again. I’m not working in a professional environment, and sure I’m leaning towards an age that would favor gracefully graying over artificially-lightening, but the spikes were just plain fun. I can see it now – hunched over the cereal aisle at Kroger perusing the cost and calories of Kellog’s Pastry Crisps, w/ my white knobby Lisa Simpson head bobbing around, Louise squeaking in the shopping cart and shaking a box of spiral noodles that she got her hands on b/c it sounds like maracas until the box busts open and there’s dried noodles everywhere. Too bad in my daydream she isn’t shaking a box of Kellog’s Pastry Crisps that accidentally breaks open b/c they are tasty enough, and just filling enough to get me through a hair-pulling round of errands. A definite repeat at 50 calories a bar. 5/5
kellogpastrycrisp_strawberry (4)kellogpastrycrisp_strawberry (2)

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