Got Milk? Caramel: $1.49/Sheetz

gotmilk_caramel (1)Recent road-trip stops found us on several occasions in a convenient store/gas station that I guess is a regional chain, called “Sheetz” and sheeeeet, we were surprised at the robot screen selections for fresh food and coffees. As lame as it was, I was impressed that the sugars and sugar substitutes came from a machine that you placed your cup under, choosing a button equivalent for one, two or three packets’ worth. Surprise #2 was the selection of bars (every flavor of Nature’s Bakery Fig bars and brownies? Sweet Sheetz!) when normally I think of gas stations as only stocking those ancient Cheerio bars, a squished Nutri-grain, and possibly a Nature Valley. In between delighting in stretching my car-pinched legs and pins-and-needles rump by chasing Louise around the first of several Sheetz that we stopped in, I browsed the bar selection and ended up with a few that I’d never heard of.

I do remember when “milk and cereal” bars came out, in a way to, I don’t know, allow kids to eat what would’ve been cold and wet in their breakfast bowl, smooshed into dry rectangular form on the go? A whitish yogurt-substance held the cereal pieces together and the taste wasn’t entirely unpleasant, but edged more into Rice Krispie treat territory than breakfast food. Spying a bar called “Got Milk? Caramel” reminded me both of those cereal bars, and that I also hadn’t had even an ounce of milk while on vacation. My daily calcium intake came in the form of pimento cheese dip, Drumstick ice cream cones, and provolone turkey sandwiches. The caramel taste is negligible, but the chocolate layer is a nice sweet way of grounding the oats that have a textural yippee moment in the form of large almonds. I’ve never seen any of the Got Milk? products before, but I figure if you’re already drinking a glass of milk, it doesn’t hurt to have a tasty snack to go alongside of it, but me, I’d rather have a bowlful of pimento cheese and maybe a sweet bar afterwards, or on my next road trip I’ll go for car-friendly string cheese and anything from a Sheetz. 4/5
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