South Beach Diet Chocolate Caramel Nut: $5.29/2 boxes of qty. 5/Publix

southbeach_choccaramel (2)Buried beneath the near-expired wrinkle creams, mystery BBQ sauce, and holiday seasonal treats for holidays-past on the clearance impulse table set up at Publix were South Beach Diet Chocolate Caramel Nut bars. Amongst the booty was also a wackadoodle variety of condiments like gluten-free chili seasoning and paleo salad dressing. Usually these diet-specific snacks are really over-priced, so for what amounted to a little over $0.50 each, I didn’t mind buying a box.

I can’t be surprised that this is only 100 calories b/c it’s such a dainty little 3″ bar. It tastes entirely too diet-ey to me though, so I think I’d rather have an actual caramel chocolate candy bar and give in to the higher calories. The outer chocolate layer is nice but when my teeth sink through it to the cardboard-like “cookie/nut” (?) bottom layer, after getting caught in the gummy caramel, the tastes just don’t jive. For the normal price, size, and taste, chances are I’d never pick these up again. Having just returned from a beach (not South, but rather Manteo in North Carolina’s Outer Banks) perhaps I should be concerned w/ low-cal snacks b/c my gut was blasted with anti-healthy nosh like pimento dips, fistfuls of pistachios shelled into the sand, insane custom “Duck Donuts”, bag after bag of Pirate’s Booty, and mindless munching on snacks while lazing around with family, and yes, the occasional bar (I kept my own hidden booty of bars in our bedroom only because there were so many family members staying in this awesome house in a resort appropriately named “Pirate’s Cove”.) 2/5

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