KIND Breakfast Dark Chocolate Cocoa: $4.99/Box of 4/Kroger

kindbfast_cocoa (3)It’s hard to believe that with one beach trip tucked behind us this early in the summer, we’reĀ  about to depart on another one, although this time, it’s with my Yank(ish) in-laws, and what a crowd it will be – something like 14 adults and 6 kids – all in one BA house. Never having gone on a trip of this size, I’m not sure how the meal situation works, so I’m stocking a ridiculous amount of bars for breakfasts, snacks, lunches, and for taming the occasional “I’m-almost-two-hear-me-roar” tantrum from Lou. Everyday she’s exhibiting more signs of being a little person and leaving behind her baby qualities (including those darling rolls where her smooshy thighs meet her hips), all while retaining the worst of the baby qualities like occasionally communicating when she wants something by simply shrieking. But when she is in a cuddly, quirky, and kind mood, your heart just explodes with delight for the little porkchop.

And there is no surprise that she really liked KIND Breakfast Dark Chocolate Cocoa bar. I appreciate that the package was split with two bars, but the bar itself was too dry and crumbly for me. The dark chocolate was nice and not so decadent to keep the bar from retaining “Breakfast” in its title. Of course, if either of my girls had their way, they’d eat chocolate frosted donuts and bizarre limited edition flavors of Pop Tarts like “Red Velvet Cupcake”, and “Sugar Cookie” and call it their most important sunrise-meal of the day. I hope they will sleep past sunrise during this trip, unlike the last one where they were awake at 5:45, abound in vacation-motivation. I leap from bed with a chippy bound at 5 everyday, but being away in a strange bed is my excuse to try, really TRY, to enjoy a semblance of a sleep-in. So what awaits our breakfast at the beach but several flavors of KIND bars and maybe I tucked a few Pop-Tarts in for Joanna. 2/5
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