Kellog Protein Almond Honey Oat: $3.99/Box of 5/Kroger

kellogprotein_honeyalmond (3)A holy trifecta of several of my favorite smells wafted into my nostrils a few weekends ago during a walk, all in a Ticia-approved menage a trois bounding around my nasal cavity at the same exact moment. Honeysuckle – heavy, sweet whitish-yellow Spring weed-like blossoms. Fresh laundry – Bounce dryer sheets twirling around a tangle of clothes, poofing their clean linen cloud out of the vent on a side of a house. Charcoal Grill – no way would I say “I hate rabbits” like I did when we went camping in high school in an attempt to make the smoke from a campfire go in a direction other than our faces. I have no earthly idea why we said “I hate rabbits”, but this afternoon, I loved rabbits. That charcoal grill smell, even w/o the inclusion of fatty drippy protein yet, meant summer grilling couldn’t be far behind. W/ the passing of the spring flowers, and well, laundry’s always being laundered, what’s next but lazy summer days standing over a hot grill w/ a spatula in one hand and a sweaty drink in the other?

Alas, all the honey that I returned home to after my walk (other than my husband honey who opened a Father’s Day gift from Amazon addressed to me accidentally early – a bottle of fancy-schmancy honey) was the honey taste in a Kellog Protein Honey Almond Oat bar. Of all of the Kellog bars that I’ve tried lately, this one tops them in taste. It reminds me of running late for school and quickly squirting honey and a smear of peanut butter on a piece of bread but w/ the added bonus of more protein. As I eat it, I remember that I have a mountain of laundry to do (boo) but some thawed steelhead trout to grill later (yay) so other than the honeysuckle smell that doesn’t quite reach the weedy recesses of my backyard, I’ve got some good smells coming my way. Charbouney! 4/5
kellogprotein_honeyalmond (4)kellogprotein_honeyalmond (2)

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