Clif Kid Zbar Keen Green: $3.99/Box of 5/Target

clifzbar_green (3)Even the green-hued-food hater Louise dove right into a Clif Kid Keen Green Zbar b/c I guess the shape and the “icing” drizzle fooled her. At least she didn’t take a suspicious sniff of the swamp green bar before taking a bite because Woooooofableeeeg (gagging noise), it smells just rancid. Like a horse whose mane was damp from an earlier rain-shower on a hot summer day stepped into a farmer’s market tent selling mostly wilted kale. But it tastes surprisingly good! The predominant flavor is apple, which doesn’t surprise me because if it was a spinach-flavored bar, the likelihood of Zee Kids wanting to eat it would be drastically reduced. Like other “veggie”-flavored products (mmm Veggie Straws in pillowcase-sized bags from Costco), there really aren’t vegetables, as much as it’s pulverized vegetable-colored powders, but in this bar’s case, it’s a least got a vitamin punch and isn’t just a salty, crunchy snack that happens to be colored like a beet, carrot, or green bean. I do love those Snap-pea Crisps even though I think they’re just greasy little green crescent moon crunchies without anything “pea” in them.

Louise calls out “up and down, up and down” (blurred together into one “urp’n’now” sound) when she’s finished eating, typically shoving aside a plate that still contains a mound of whatever green item I’m attempting to get her to try. Her first day at daycare (I was Sobby McWeepy, she was Chirpy McPlaytime) was yesterday and the teacher texts me a picture of her eating PEAS. A plateful of unseasoned, microwaved green peas from the can. I was speechless, so last night I made her frozen peas (I think most vegetables, other than tomatoes, from the can are too mooshy for my taste and prefer fresh or frozen) and she picked them up one by one with her fingertips and ate them all like green Skittles. I guess her seeing other kids eating them inspired her to try them at daycare, just like her seeing Joanna and I eat a bar, even if it’s green, makes her want to try it too. Oh wait, if that was my logic she would be eating everything that I make for dinner, so scratch that. She’ll eat what other people HER size eat. I wonder what’s on her menu at daycare today … excuse me while I weep. 4/5
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