Power Bar Performance Energy Oatmeal Raisin

powerbar_oatmealraisin4So we’re barely unpacked from having returned from our family trip to Kiawah Island and sand is still a-sprinkle on my feet when I push the rubber toe-flappy jack of my flip-flops onto my feet, and ahoy, what’s this? We are turning back around and headed on another beach trip in a week with my in-laws. I’m feeling ridiculous for having unpacked at all. But what I did manage to unpack was a Power Bar Oatmeal Raisin bar that I never got around to eating while at Kiawah. (I will say that after my morning beach jogs and afternoon bike rides, I ingested ALOT of bars.) I don’t like this bar quite as much as the Power Bar Harvest Oatmeal Cookie as this one has that tacky gummy quality to it, but the taste is pretty good, like I’d taken an oatmeal cream pie (minus the questionable white cream filling), blended it with raisins, smashed it through a Play-dough factory rectangle hole, and eaten it.

Now that my car’s been scrubbed of its bug-bodies and bird-BM’s, and vacuumed of its road-trip snack crumbs, it’s about to happen all over again, although this time the drive is a bit further, to the Outer Banks. I’ve just begun setting aside bars, and it’s like a convenient-store’s inventory and variety of bars, because we are going with a massive group and I have no idea how meals are going to work. I figured better to have easy non-perishables on hand, so mixed in with some additional Power Bars, I have a slew of all kinds of other bars. Hopefully this beach trip won’t have us frequenting too many bar-bars as I think I reached my yearly booze-quota last week at Kiawah which is to say, not a whole lot. My heavy(ier) imbibing days coincided with late night World of Warcraft, and once my MMO gaming days dwindled, so did beer. And if I had to choose between a Power Bar in oatmeal cookie flavor (or even an actual oatmeal cookie) over alcohol, I’d much rather get my calories in chew-chew-swallow-swallow form than liquid. 4/5

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